Monday, June 20, 2011

actually, built. built, actually: destroy loser bike check


some people have been asking me to see the LOSER as it sits now- it really hasnt changed since i introduced it to the world, but okay i guess i can do something about it. i intended to do this earlier, but every time i set out to do so it became dark or i got lazy or- well one time i got a flat. so yeah. see more after the jump.

more swords.

front clearance with the resist nomads is pushing it. HELLA FLUSH.

barspin clearance if youre wondering

rear tire clearance.


Frame: Destroy Loser 700c/29er for BHSK
Fork: MKE bruiser
Bars: Eighthinch Freestyle
Stem: Eighthinch Freestyle
Grips: Animal Edwins
Headset: Eclat Dual Integrated
Clamp: I dont know, but it's awesome looking... L is for LOSER!
Seatpost: Resist Pivotal
Seat: Odyssey Senior 2
Cranks: Demolition Medial 165mm, MacNeil Spindle Bolts
Sprocket: 39t Tree Lite Polished
Chain: Shadow Conspiracy Half-Link
Front Tire: Resist Nomad 45c
Front Wheel: 36h Velocity Chukker to a Velocity hub
Rear Tire: Resist Nomad 45c
Rear Wheel: 36h Velocity Chukker to a Surly Fix/Fix hub with 14mm axle adapters.
Cog/Lockring: Generic 17t, Generic.
Pedals: Odyssey Twisted
FRS: Holdfast "MKE/benscyle" ltd ed. 20/50

i intend to post a review on the resist tires soon. as you can see i can fit a bigger tire, but hey i have even tires right now which is pretty rare for me. some people get weird when they see i run white grips- i have this thing where i cant run anything but white grips... and if i look down and i don't have white grips, something is wrong  like inception or something. with the higher bottom bracket, i want to get higher bars (because it changes the feel dramatically) but i'm actually getting used to the setup as it is with the 2 inch rise. i'm just really psyched to be riding again.


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