Thursday, May 19, 2011

what's going on with destroy?

(via shmob)
shane from shmob recently made a trip to destroy's doom palace and took the first 2 shots up there. that only makes me even more psyched for the LOSER frame. essentially it looks like daniels setup, with some tweaks to the angles. even cooler, it will have those 14mm dropouts with the "sword" (hahaha) cutout. even more cooler, i was informed that shane got to see my frame get finished while he was there! WHAAAATTT!!!

(via destroy)
scotty eagleton got pics of the crew doing their normal grind. really diggin the destroy shirts. in the background of sean being sean, you can see that they dont just make fixed freestyle frames, they also dip into bmx. and sierra nevada. there's also something else in the background but it's no big deal. hahaha!

soooo psyched.


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