Tuesday, May 10, 2011

retrogression session: "calv" & "wounded knee

(via retrogression)
our friends at retrogression just released a one-two punch of cool stuff. starting out with the knickers (AKA the wounded knee), retrogression pretty much made an affordable yet SUPER functional pair of shorts. with a semi relaxed fit, the reconstructed red kap shorts have pockets everywheere, and reflectors built in to where they need to be- all without looking too silly. in addition to that, theyre reinforced in the right places where wear happens all to frequently.... especially the gooch area... get more views and get them here!

one of the things i'm really hyped on is this jacket right here. known as the "calv", this jacket has pockets everywhere, microfiber inner, and breathable outer shell. even more awesome, there's a special water resistant layer in between the shell and inner. knowing that it gets a little chilly riding in the morning, this jacket is perfect for the cyclist that rides just before the dew forms. check it here!


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