Sunday, May 1, 2011

redbull stock photos: ride n style

i had so much fun yesterday. i think my blood has been replaced by redbull though. i have almost 300 pictures just waiting to go photoshop. it never hit me how big this was until i got there, and a bunch of duds that i only met through the internet were talking to me like i've been their bud for years- it was crazy. by the way, miles mathia and dylan "fish and chips" are probably the nicest dudes ever. kozo did hella flares, tailwhips and landed a backflip:

i will have alot of photos coming in the next week. as for who won:
race 1st- Jason Clary (crazy story with him btw), 2nd- Kell McKenzie
freestyle 1st- Matt Reyes, 2nd- Josh "Squeeks" Boothby, 3rd- Tyler Johnson

more stories and more pics in the upcoming week.


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