Saturday, May 14, 2011

new volume stuff: cutter v6 blood spatter, crypt fork

volume's been dropping bombs lately. the thrasher complete hit shelves earlier this week, and now they jusr released photos of the new cutter as well as their newest fork: the crypt.

(via volume)
think of the crypt as a thrasher fork on some steroids. now that everyone is running a little bigger tire, the need for a wider area between the legs (THATS WHAT SHEEEE SAIIIID) is more salient now than before. the crypt adresses that and features an internally and externally butted steerer tube for much need strength. plus the  thing has room for pegs.

okay, now i can shut up about the cutter's flaw- the thing finally fits huge tires! though it still uses a euro bottom bracket, i can relate to it... the cutter is till one of those frames that is a jack of all trades- ive seen people run polo on it, seen people make it into a strong commuter, and seen people bust some tricks. it's changed for the better, and that's something really hard to do for a bike with so much history.



Forestparker said...

 I want another cutter so bad especially in that color. But why would they make such a short fork makes no sense everyone wants at least a 420 AC fork these days. 

bhsk said...

I agree with the short fork thing. I kinda don't understand why they didn't just make the fu manchu a little wider. One theory would be that its more geared for the street DJ bike than fixed..

And yeah, that blood spatter paint is awesome.