Wednesday, May 25, 2011

character: some thread in LFGSS

(via... here.)
spinwell tipped me off to what id becoming my kind of porn. maybe its because i used to skate in nike sbs just to make hypebeasts cringe, maybe its because i'm sentimental to the DIY-beat-to-shit attitude, maybe its because i believe scratches give a bike character. if you like the idea of making a purist fan cry and maybe punch his computer, then you should go check this thread out in the LFGSS forums... nagos... beat to shit. njs... beat to shit. wierd stuff.... beat to shit.



John Watson said...

Fucking kids (not you) - LINK TO THE GOD DAMN SOURCE CLOWNS!

John Watson said...

Also, nice comment integration. Wonder where you saw that? ;-)

bhsk said...

i was like... "i swear i saw this picture go by on my rss reader..."  

and as to the comment integration.... i admit to that hahahaha!


ray g. said...

These are more like distressed furniture than "beat to shit".  You'll notice the important parts are all in good working order.