Tuesday, May 10, 2011

beat a dead horse: elevated engeneering & wheeltalk for redbull ride & style

you know, since i covered this event i look for myself in these edits and pictures that other people took. i know i just made myself look really narcissistic, but its just like a where's waldo... just... where's the dark asian dude wearing a great white north shirt.

Elevated Engineering: Ridebull Ride+Style Weekend from Elevated Engineering on Vimeo.
what's cool about this edit is... everything actually. it takes everything that happened and puts it in a long edit. this includes the aftermath where the duds went out to ride the city- including tom la marche doing some pretty kooky things with his pfix. where was i? at 5:38, i'm on the right with joe mckeag. for the rest of the edit i'm right next to the cameraman. hahaha!

WT Red Bull Ride+Style from Matt Reyes on Vimeo.
this one is from slumworm. i cant stress how awesome this event was. there was almost too much footy to go around. where am i? at 1:12 i'm getting off the ground snapping a photo of garrett chow, and at 1:13 (when chris fonseca is braiding hair) i'm in the blur trying to figure out what the hell tom's bike was.

isnt this fun?


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