Tuesday, May 24, 2011

arcs and arks: pops fabrication x clout "noah"

(via popsfab)
"We’ve been at work the past few months alongside Matthew Rodriguez of Pops Fabrication, and finally here is a look at the prototype for our first 24″ BMX frame. We will be releasing the line in three sizes ranging 20″ 24″ & 26″. Depending on the buyer, the frames will be sold alone or complete with some after market parts and tires exclusively through the CLOUT showroom. The “NOAH” prototype boasts a pair of Phil Wood built wheel sets and hubs. If all goes well, we’ll have these on the street early this summer. Stop by the office and take a look at the prototype in person, pre-sales will be made available soon."

looks solid, and doubles as a neck breaker. AND it has phil wood hubs. AND it's built right here. maybe i'll stop by the clout office and see how this thing really is...


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