Friday, April 1, 2011

let's skip 24": threethirtytwoinch bueller proto.

(via threethirtytwoinch)
there are alot of advocates of 26", there are alot of advocates of 700c/29". let me be the one to advocate the new wave of fixed freestyle- i mean the blog's name is indeed "tarck skills, cheap thrillz". lets be honest, why capitalize on making components work for fixed freestyle? why not use something tried and tested in another medium like...bmx?  the isssue with 700c was that it was so big it would untrue. the issue with 26" was it was untrue to the roots of fixed freestyle. going 20" means that it'll be true to a cycling tradition (bmx), as well as not go untrue due to spoke length and  whatnot. genius! barspin clearance for days!


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