Monday, April 25, 2011

the durcus circus: stylin 26er proto, marco and nasty bars

(via wbase)
if there was ever a setup i wanted to really see this saturday, it would be marco's durcus one stylin 26 proto by wbase. i recall when jakob santos was running a durcus one stylin, and i think it's a very underrated bike in terms of geometry and capability. in the 26" version we'll see clearance up to 2.3" as well as a negative bb height. if google translator is correct, then this is not simply a shortened up 700c version like comparable models from other companies. that's really good considering most of them are smaller 700c versions.

also coming from the wbase camp are these two bars which are pro models fro marco and nasty. nasty's bars are around a 3 inch rise, 22.2 clamp size and have a mild sweep to them. marco's bars are probably one of the better 4 piece bars ive seen in a while- 25.4 clamp, with around a 4 inch rise.

i'm really excited to see the w base guys ride on saturday. catch me wearing a great white north shirt, hanging with the destroy dudes.


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