Monday, April 11, 2011

deus ex machina: heltrust x deus raw frame

(via deus canggu)
a subset of australia's "deus ex machina", deus canggu is a workshop based out of bali that usually does motorcycle work- however, they also do handmade track bikes. recently they hooked up with helltrust to make a fixed freestyle frame. made out of hi-tensile steel, it may be heavy but looks really really legit. see more at the deus blog.



Notaduc said...

Coming from a pro welder, who has welded everything from ultra thin sheet, to bike frames to structual and pipe, those welds look not as good as I would expect from a boutique builder of such things. 

bhsk said...

after hanging out with the destroy guys i can agree with you knowing what a good weld looks like.

hi ten steel isnt that great either

thanks for the input!