Tuesday, April 5, 2011

CGK goes legit: rotorua-taupo 100k

(via cgk)
i see by your confused demeanor, you have no idea what the hell the rotorua-taupo flyer is. i sure as hell didnt know what it was. it's a 100 km race from rotorua to taupo in new zealand... and the CGK guys did it.

and they did it on track bikes. yeah! as if 100k want enough, doing it fixed sounds crazy. but regardless of how crazy it is, they done did it. check out how it went at the CGK joint.



Gunnar said...

There´s something that looks just goofy about full spandex + sneakers.

bhsk said...

hey, at least they didnt use a hold fast style frs... hahaha! but no lie, doing 100k on fixed, in sneakers is still a pretty admirable feat.