Tuesday, April 12, 2011

built like a...: livery design gruppe tank fork

(via ldg)
DUUUUDE.... this thing looks like it was made by a gun smith. we got to see snippets of this on brad parker's bike, but i never imagined the gussets being so burly. i'm pretty sure that this thing is so strong that if you put it on anything besides the LDG trick frame, it'll just snap the head tube off! this thing looks like a friggin weapon! multiple gussets, 14mm INVESTMENT CASTED dropouts, designed to mount pegs, bully machined one piece steer tube, and a strong boxed construction make this one of the most radical things to come out of the LDG camp. get more info at LDG!



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RIGHT??? that was one of the first things i thought of when i saw this: "i wonder how this would look like in blue with red flames..."