Monday, March 7, 2011

yabu-say whaaaa...: yabusame proto v2

(via jinken)
oh, so what is this? another fixed freestyle frame? well it runs 26" i'll give you that clue, but you'll never guess the actual function until i show you this:

yes, it's a bike polo frame; a really radical one, at that (and by radical i dont mean 80's RADICAL DUDE, i mean, "out there"). a joint venture of JBP, tubugara, and okayasu factory, the yabusame takes it's name for bow and arrow wielding horsemen of feudal japan. utilizing japanese kasei cro-mo and shaping it to a light weight but stronger than hell frame is no easy task, but this looks like it's getting there. to see more of the frame and to stumble over some japanese translation, visit the jinken blog here. (dont forget to look for the headbadge, it's freaking insanely detailed!)


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