Friday, March 4, 2011

ROLLLIN!!!1!111!!: Jakob, Congo, and something "knuw"

SOMETHING "KNUW" from jakob santos on Vimeo.
i was unfortunately driving a couple hundred miles when jakob sent this to me- everyone got to it like it had a sign on it saying "free donuts" or something. regardless of my tardiness on posting this, i still feel obligated to post this. first off- i love this effing song. it's at the end of rick ross' mixtape as a hidden track, and it makes you ferociously motivated at whatever youre doing when youre listening to it. second, IS THERE ANYTHING JAKOB CANT DO? bunny bar across a building gap? threes off a table (lets get real, alot of dudes doing threes need a tranny or a bigger drop!)? and congo, where's that dude been? his step up tap nosepivot thing was really techy!

my faith in fgfs is restored now.


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