Wednesday, March 16, 2011

one please, shaken: s-works time trial

(via milano fixed)
lets be honest here, i'm a total car dude. no, not those crackerjack cars from honda, i love european cars, dtm cars, stuff most americans have no idea about. this s works SHIV tt was on milano fixed's joint late last year. i immediately recognized the significance through the colors without even looking at the logos. the paintjob emulates the porsche 935 (well there were more, but the 935 was the most badass, spectacular, not-very-well-put-together car in le mans history):

well, the beast has come to fruition and i have to say, the result is spot on:

they got everything down to the shiny parts, shown in the s-works logo and the polished-to-hell dropouts. where's the seatpost!?! i want to see this done!


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