Monday, March 14, 2011

the local locals: SJF's st patty's day dash at the bassett track

(via sjf)
ITS ABOUT TIME. unfortunately i left my bike in chico, so i might not be showing up (sucks because i'm actually in san jose as we speak). however, i might just show up to show up. alot of fun shit happens at the sprints at the bassett "track" and i might just find myself there anyway. its great because since the time changed the sun doesnt go down til around 7. this time out there's going to be 2 classes: the A's will put up money to get a spot for some CASSSSHHH MONEY, and the B's will be running for prizes put up by (you guessed it) iminusd.

for more details hit up sjf, and i'll see you guys there. just dont get a little too irish beforehand- the bassett track you hahaha!


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