Wednesday, March 30, 2011

lag hundred trillion: the early skullyboom sb1

i've had this thing since early october and i keep forgetting to post about it. as a couple of you know, skullyboom is no longer known as skullyboom because the coroprate heads at skullcandy had a problem with it (skullyboom was not in any way shape or form associated with skullcandy). recently they were renamed boombotix. the SB1 was renamed BB1, and so on and so forth. with that out in the open let's take a look at the system...

the BB1 is small. my cellphone is taller than the unit. comprised of a tiny tweeter and a impressive main speaker. i can chill out on my small front yard in my apartment, and people can hear it from the parking lot (which is 18 ish feet from where i usually leave it on my front door).  get it out of your system, it may cramp your style. but if you think about it, the body is probably the most efficient way to encapsule all the working parts without making it too bulky.

the system uses a standard 1/8 input and comes with a retractable cord. it's charged via usb which is nifty since you can charge through your computer or (in my case) cellphone charger that uses usb. they claim is runs 4 hours... at full volume. full volume is loud, and i guarantee it wont be on full volume 24/7. to be honest, i havent had any battery issues and i havent had the need to charge it over and over.

theis thing has a really burly clip. i tested it by clipping it on a shirt upside-down and shaking it, and it stuck. but if it happens to fall, the body is really rigid and will take a beating. it comes in a bunch of colors, but the white one is probably the best for customizing- oh and did i mentition the speaker covers are interchangeable? yeah!

overall, even though the look isnt for everyone, when you hear this thing you'll forget about it. it's no chop shop P.O.S., the sound quality is really really really (REALLY) good for such a small system. you always hear people talking about how riding is dangerous with earphones- why not get one of these instead and not only be a little safer but share the music as well.

just dont get pulled over for disturbing the peace.

it's that loud. thanks boombotix for sending me one of these ages ago =P.



Lief said...

Hahaha it's all good man! Thanks so much for the post.

bhsk said...

nah man, thanks for sending me one- expect an email soon, i have another comp coming up!