Monday, March 28, 2011

hella fits: mishka x holdfast x mke

(via prolly)
as a fixed gear blogger, i've learned to stay away from reposting prolly's stuff. 1) because he's a good guy, 2) he'll get on my case personally, 3) and it'll end up on everyone elses blog within minutes and i dont want to be categorized as just another fixed gear blog. that being said, i do make some exceptions.

back in high school i used to match my clothes to my sneakers and my little group of friends coined the term "HELLA FITS" to this notion (oh, so naiive). prolly just received the first of the holdfast x mishka straps  that match the MKE x mishka bruiser that should be going into production soon. as much as i think being fits is lame now, i really like this. i run the mke ltd straps, and love how they only made 50 (i feel special). these straps look on point. collabo-licious.

keep posted on john's joint- i hear he might do a giveaway contest...


(p.s. this entire blog is brought to you by john "prolly" watson HAHAHAHA!)

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