Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Greatest of all time: demons nyc at the grime compound

(via DEMONS)
okay, the GOAT frame has been plastered all over the internet and i havent even posted one picture of the GOAT at all. sitting here, i feel horrible not posting about it since the grime dudes are downright awesome. it's hard to tell the differences from the "yo mang" to the GOAT, but it seems to be different in terms of what little flaws the "yo mang" had- it's just a really refined yo mang and more. however, i'm kinda bummed out the "sup mang" (the "yo mang"s 700c/29" counterpart) never got alot of attention and got cutt off from the grime lineup.  regardless of that, the GOAT seems very agressive and very direct in terms of where the grime is going and what fixed freestyle is coming to be.

oh, and i want to give a shout to the man krillz who started up the grime- it's his birthday today!


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