Friday, March 25, 2011

butchers, everywhere.

(via eighthinch)
ever since the butcher landed, i've been seeing them pop up everywhere. take hakim for example... hakim of singapore is the newest member of the eighthinch team.

jake and jeff are sacramento rippers who i saw earlier this month. jeff is the dude with the butcher- and he's got some clean ups.

shane's butcher's been putting in work. if you dont know about shmob, then youre missing out on a good blog. shane and tyle do nothing but ride hard. diggin the TTV (TTV is the shit) shirt.

ever wonder how one of these would look like on 26"? eighthinch rider will gibbons did just that. peep the end where he grinds a really sketchy rail.

eighthinch butchers. theyre fucking everywhere. =]


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