Sunday, March 27, 2011

aint gotta tell me: more redbull ride + style info

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i may have posted this pre-maturely, but then john came out with the official press release (which, again i dont know whould be out in the open, but imma reblog it anyway). it's basically the same thing i said previously, but now there's a rider list... check it:
Tom La Marche
Steven Jensen
Joshua Boothby
Jakob Santos
Tyler Johnson
Teppei "Nasty" Iwabuchi
Yuhei "Marco" Hirose
Michael Chacon
Justin "Congo" Mitchell
Matthew Spencer
Matt Reyes
Matt Montoya
Scott Horton
Gus Molina
DJ Mull
Miles Mathia
Daniel Torres
Brad Parker
Joe McKeag
Jamil Gray
Osaka Funny
Kenny Arimoto
Devan Council
Edward "Wonka" Laforte

Austin Horse
Rainier Schaefer
Crihs Thormann
James Newman
Wilis Johnson
Steve Tortorelli
Garrett Chow
Fergus Tanaka
Robin Song
Chas Christiansen
Marc Marino
Andre Kivijarvi
Hernan Montenegro
Alex Farioletti
Walton Brush
Blake Van Knopka
Matchew Henery"

holy crap. aint gotta tell me twice, so i'll tell you twice. GO TO THIS. as if pinning garrett chow, walton, chas, rainier, austin horse, and alex farioletti against eachother, theyr're taking EVERYONE in fixed freestyle and pinning them agains eachother. i'm sold. i'm there, and i'm bringing 20 more memory cards for my camera.


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