Tuesday, February 22, 2011

the sounds of the bandwagon: skullcandy "world champion" series

(via TFD)
okay maybe the title was a little bit harsh. after a second look at this pack or whatever, i think i change my mind. sure, i've probably gone through 7 or 8 skullcandy cheap ass earphones and i have a negative vibe about them, but i know that their not cheap stuff is good. i'll give it up to them; usually they over-do their designs and such, but this is nice for once. the pack includes 2 earphones (the 50/50 and full metal jacket models if you care),  "agent" headphones, as well as a bag, wallet, and belt. see the footdown to get a closer look.

//edit// the footdown pulled a fast one on me and made these into ads. that was so slick, i'll allow it. buy shit from them. because they're awesome.


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