Tuesday, February 8, 2011

minimalism: 2011 leader 725

(via coghouse)
lets be honest here, i was not a fan of leader's early aluminum bikes. then i got my hands on one (a 721 i believe), loved it, then sold it and now i have mixed feelings about leader. this year's 725 takes the same shape and silhouette many people love or hate, and takes the decals and puts them in edgy places. regarless of if i or you love or hate this, you have to admit leader is doing a pretty good job paying attention to the fixed gear realm.

but everyone has one: 721, 725, trk, or mordecai. sorry, i had to say it.


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Jake Martin said...

I've got a TRK v.2 I love it. I'll probably build a 725 for a fast whip.