Thursday, February 24, 2011

media portrayal: iminusd, kiet do the newscaster, and the word "fixie"

i feel like this singles out fixed riding a little too much. after doing some reasearch, i found that it wasnt so much that the bike was brakeless, it was more about the level of experience the rider had. now i'm not condemning channel 5 cbs news (especially since they went to iminusd and talked to jeff and nhan- most newscasters would go to a snobby bike shop what is very anti-fixed), but i feel portrayed ineffeciently. however, the other side was accounted for which was nice. how do you guys feel about what happened?



Seanfclark said...

awareness of your surroundings is the most important thing regardless of the method of transportation that's getting you from points a to b to c. homie could have had breaks and same thing would have happened if he wasn't paying attention. feel bad for the old lady - good post.

bhsk said...

that's my point exactly- the focus shouldn't have been on the lack of brakes, it should have been on how much experience he had on his bike. it's not the bike's fault, it has a means of stopping so blame the rider for being ill prepared. good to know that i'm not crazy. =]