Thursday, February 3, 2011

the look: negative/zero bottom bracket height, and shorter seat tubes.

(via trick track)
this is josh b's fixed freestyle bike. now i'm not trying to bag on josh, the bike looks impressive and serves function. however i cringe at the idea of riding such a bike with a bottom bracket so high. lets just put it this way, riding this freewheel would be fine because your knees would not be demolished after a couple shots at a spot; riding this fixed implies that you must keep pedaling and therfore a pain in the ass (or knees for that matter). as time progresses, the seat tubes are becoming shorter, and the bottom bracket is getting higher. i think that even though this is expanding the tricktionary of fixed freestyle to grinds, but i cant help but think that the geometry is diminishing the idea of riding to a spot comfortably and then ripping that spot- an idea. again, i'm not being negative towards josh's bike (in fact, i want to try it- it looks hella fun to rip around on).

not only that, the bikes are shaping into solid fork DJ bikes with a little longer seat tubes, and the 700c/29" are looking like 29" versions of dirt jumpers. someone had to say it.

how do you guys feel about sacrificing day to day function for the sake of trick function?



Joseph Downs said...

This looks like a Big Wheel BMX bike for sure. sorta like those 29' Big Rippers Coming out of the SE camp.

J.mika'ele said...

that's the thing, they have had the 29" big rippers for a while- i'm surprised that no one has ever but a fixed wheel setup on one.

the big rippers are aluminum, and dont have zero/neg bb. whoops.


Anonymous said...

agreed. no way i'd give up my comfort and function of a daily rider. Unless you're strictly tricking, a build like this has to be your second ride.

J.mika'ele said...

and that's what i'm getting at- why not make the seat tube longer you can give the ol' knees a rest once in a while AND so we dont look like we're just running 29" dirt jumpers. fixed street riding is a 2 bike thing now. it's a bummer.


THATNIGGA69 said...

All I hear is bitching

bhsk said...

this was about 2 years ago. funny thing was a couple months after i posted this shit, i got my destroy 29er built. it has negative bottom bracket height. #HYPOCRITE haha