Monday, February 14, 2011

fashion statements make me vomit: levis x unik, BMW x Pharell x domeau & peres

(via hypebeast)
these two bikes popped up on my rss reader and i cant not say anything about it. first off is the collaboration of unik bikes with levis. individually, both brands are great in their own right. levis makes [okay] denim jeans. unik restores bikes to their best. now throw in fixerati, a shop based in belgium, and brother cycles in london, thish should be cool... right? what resulted is a clusterfuck of a bike with tacky denim accents. couldve stopped at the denim paintjob. couldve stopped at the denim wrapped bars with a cool button looking bar plugs. but no, they had to put everything together and over kill the bike...

(via highsnob)
at least they didnt fully engulf the bike in leather. ohhhhh what is this atrocity? i think i touched on this bike a while back but i'm too lazy to see if i did. we know pharell williams is a supporter of Brooklyn Machine Works- each is good in their own right... pharell is good in N.E.R.D. (and only N.E.R.D), and BMW is the last great american bicycle company. domeau and peres makes furniture (from what i know) and this bike is what it is.... it's furniture. why go off and make a fully functional bike, wrap it in buffalo hide, and essentially make it into a piece of furniture?

it makes me sick.


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