Friday, January 21, 2011

kill your television: the grime.

GRIME TV 1 from GRIME BIKES on Vimeo.
the grime is doing so much that it's hard to keep up. first off is this edit, which gives you an inside look at what grime is about with the added bonus of mike schmitt doing a long ass grind. in addition to that, the guys decided to open up a store in new york.
Welcome to Grime Street from Only Ones on Vimeo.
the place is located on 191 henry street in new york, so if youre ever in the area you need to go. it's not a matter if you want to, it's a matter of "you need to go to this place." you might find some cool shit there like the zlog x grime tee or the burro straps done up in grime green or all the sadio stuff you'll ever want.

 it's crazy how a few months back, the grime helped me out with some prizes for a contest. krillz, mike, ed, and company are doing really big things.