Wednesday, January 12, 2011

and the next contender is: all city def wish

see what had happened with the dropout was when it came out, it utilized up to 38c tires when everyone began to move forward from that. however, like a handful of people, the geo was a thing of work and the tire clearance didnt seem like much of a handicap.

working on the dropout platform, the def wish brings to the table a higher bottom bracket (which is mid by the way), a better standover with regards to barspin clearance, as well as 14mm dropouts.

(all pics via allcity)
a unique part aside from the 14mm dropouts (to coinside with allcity's 14mm hubs coming soon), is the chainstay bridge. by not dimpling the inner surface for the sake of tire clearance and bracing it by the bottom bracket, the chainstays remain strong.

lets go over this: clearance for 29 x 2.0 tires, mid bb, strong ass chainstays, better standover, higher bottom bracket height, 14mm dropouts and this edit:

Chris Clappe' for All-City from chris clappe on Vimeo.


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