Tuesday, December 7, 2010

i have an addiction: copper plated MKS pedals from soma

(via soma)
well fuck me man.... i wish i still had a legitimate track bike because these are super crazy. everyone knows that copper plated stuff looks UH-MAY-ZING, and you should know i loves me some detail work. the guys at soma took it upon themselves to copper plate cages for on certain MKS pedals. MKS sylvans are awesome track pedals. MKS sylvans with colored cages are cool. MKS sylvans with copper plating makes me scream like a little girl. and as if the sylvans werent enough, they also did up the MKS road pedals AND fully copper plated the bodies of GR9 pedals. check out all three variations!

by the way, does anyone know if this is a part of merry sale's distribution or if it's just a one time limited edition deal type thing?


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