Thursday, December 16, 2010

buy 10 of these, no 20: prolly x charge bucket, zlog x skullyboom

(via prolly)
damn dude. did you ever think that in your whole blogging career you would have your likeness on the top of a saddle? everyone knows that the charge bucket is a solid saddle, and everyone should know who john is. EVERYONE. congrats man! speaking of blog collabos:

(via zlog)
i did the same thing to my personal skully with a BHSK ("NJS"K) logo but it's crudely drawn with sharpie. this looks way better than what mine turned out to be. zlog and skullyboom got something going on and these were made in limited numbers! which reminds me i've been really lagging on that review... i wanna collabo on something... but i'm afraid it might come out as a disaster hahaha


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