Saturday, November 13, 2010

the unofficial colors of "fast": richard's fixed frame

so i have good news and bad news. good news is that i'm in my hometown of san jose for the weekend. bad news is that the internet kinda sucks so much that i cant post up videos, which limits what i can do right now. lucky for me, some beautiful ass bikes caught my eye this past week and i finally have an excuse to post them.

(via feather)
what we have here is a track frame built up by feather cycles which is based out of york from across the pond in the UK ( some ways away from leeds, if you know where that is). if you know your le mans history, then you already know that these colors emulate the famous gulf oil livery. featuing hand carved stem lugs, chrome and nickel accents, a hand carved bridge, and reynolds 853 tubing, this thing will make you wanna slap yo mamma. one of my favorite accents is the polished bb tube:

no one would ever notice that unless they knew what they were looking the blog says it's a tribute to the 70's porsche of the gulf team:

but i beg to differ... in the late 1960's was a better suited, and more beautiful car that donned the gulf colors:

so instead of associating the bike with gulf porsche, lets associate it with the 69' ford gt-40...


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