Friday, November 19, 2010

triiiiiii-pyyyyy: kenzo minami x affinity x cinecycle

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forgive me, i just got rid of firefox, and this is the first time i'm using scribefire on google chrome- but you wouldnt have know this if i hadnt told you, and really, i have nothing to apologize for. earlier i was gonna post a vid for this, but a nifty picture popped up at prolly's joint, so i decided to use that. but here's the vid:


i dont want to explain this all, so i'll let cinecyle do my work.

"Affinity Cycles, one of the most respected independent bicycle brands in the world, is not only seen raced in velodromes by professional cyclists, but also ridden on the city streets by fashionable commuters, elite bike messengers, and passionate cyclists. The signature Affinity “Kissena“ track frame is the key component of the “Digitizer” project and represents the pinnacle of bicycle frame technology.

Kenzo Minami is an artist and designer who grew up in Japan in the 80’s. During this time, Japan experienced a huge economic boom fueled by the country’s technological supremacy. The graphic design that dominated this era was one that underscored the “more is more” attitude. Japanese design embraced a euphoric idealism of the new digital frontier where design became a fantastic reflection of all technology could be. Kenzo’s inspiration for “Digitizer” came from this nostalgia of his childhood. However, this inspiration is tempered with a practical purpose. “Within the chaos of visual information found on city streets it is important that the design allows the bicycle to stand out and be recognized by both pedestrians and cars alike,” reflects artist Kenzo Minami. “The colors and patterns on the bicycle were carefully conceived and laid out with the understanding that they will not only be seen when the frame and wheels are static but more importantly how they will be transformed when the bicycle is in motion."

Cinecycle curated this project, with the goal of producing an item of extreme beauty and quality, which explores the intersection of form, function and design. To that end, Cinecycle is proud to have brought together premiere artist Kenzo Minami and Affinity Cycles to create the "Digitizer" project. “Digitizer synthesizes concepts that are fundamental to our culture with regard to how technology can inform and transform our perception of space. Affinity Cycles, Kenzo Minami, and Cincecyle have come together to create a project that expresses how the cyclist, even in our modern digital age, still represents the most simple and effective union of man and machine," says Daniel Leeb, CEO,



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