Sunday, November 28, 2010

swag sunday: cadence lorum ipsum collection

(via Cadence)
lets be honest here, cycling specific clothes are kinda ugly and the stuff that looks good to wear from day to day gets kinda pricy. that's where cadence comes in. sure, 88 bucks is pushing it for a pair of jeans, but if you think about it, the tech and ideas that go into the piece is crazy. take these exon jeans for example: cadence reinforced your behind so when you get some serious riding in, the fuckers wont just blow out and rip on you.and like really expensive jeans, they're over dyed so when you wear them down, they look even better. along with these jeans is a raw denim jean, a pair of jackets, a cycling hat and even a shop apron (YEAH A SHOP APRON!) in the collection. go check it out, and give yourself something for christmas.


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