Monday, November 29, 2010

kareem's k-rabs

(via blaq)

these my friends, may be the solution to aging straps that stretch and get loose all the time. foot retention is a big part of fixed gear riding and is pretty much a neccessity. kareem at Loose Nuts  has been working with blaq to find the next step in foot retention. now you may be wondering why the hell there are bolts in the pedals:
the straps are bolted into the pedal calling for less play in the strap. the cross over design is much like the ol' powerstap which keeps your sneakers firmly in place when set correctly. and i know people (especially around my area) have been getting some of their straps stolen due to the simple velcro attachments- with this, those straps aint goin nowheres. check it out along with blaq's v3 straps!

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