Monday, November 15, 2010

full volume: cutter v6, generator, sledgehammer complete, vandal frame

volume is currently working on their new site, and they finally got an rss feed that i dont have to search around for. that being said, alot is in store for next season.

tight lipped about almost all of there upcoming projects, volume is being no different with the updated cutter. removing the hourglass tubing, as well as adding a curved seat tube, the v6 (maybe?) looks really promising. oh, and it looks like they FINALLY addressed the tire clearance issue. honestly, alot of cutter riders saw it as a fatal flaw, and i'm glad there's finally clearance.

the generator is something completely different. you and i know volume as a bmx frame supplier, and partially a fixed gear machine supplier, but not as a commuter type thing. for some reason, i would LOVE to see someone make this into an ss cross machine. come on, you know you think that would be ridiculously rad. it had all the fixings to be a real contender too. somebody get back at me when someone does it. PLEASE.

the sledgehammer and the vandal are two 26 inch setups. and no, not for fixed gear riding. the sledgehammer is due in mid march, and unlike other dirt jumper frames built for the street- it looks like it will ride just like a standard 20". the geometry looks like a bmx street frame over a DJ frame (much like sunday!'s +4 series). the vandal on the other hand... i dont know much about. assuming that it's following the sledgehammer's fire, it's going to be really dialed.


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weedle said...

new cutter looks sexy, the improved tire clearance makes this one of my top choices for my trick/commuter project