Tuesday, November 16, 2010

cyclonesia: mashinelli x woof x arfx

(via cyclonesia)
i know i'm on a design and art high right now, so i think im appreciating this thing way too much. this is a mashinelli from indonesia that belongs to a duder named robby. instead of going with the alrready cool graphics, it was changed up with the help of WOOF and arfx.

"Our friend Robby "Obi" Susilo want a special paint for his special
Cinelli Mash.. so he asked us and ARFX to do the custom paint job. So
for us.. we use it as a canvas! For me, when Obi said "the
word "MASH", it is associated for "something raw and dirty" and with our
own "definition" of MASH, it is a splattered black paint and gold prada
on a raw Cinelli Mash frame. It's a perfect combination of street look
but still got class!.. It's like you dig a hole with love on a megapolitan street then you find a treasure! Raw, raawk and bling swagga"

the gold accents smeared all over looks hella nutssss...


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