Thursday, October 14, 2010

i have a confession: vindata music video

i have a confession to make. i'm familiar with vindata's works, and i am a fan of hard electro (like belzebass or whoever). i injured myself at a steve aoki set (granted this was 2 years ago when steve didnt have so many tour dates and side projects- the man isnt the same today), gimped onto the stage, and was literally wheelchaired out. at least he got to warp 1.9 before i messed up my knee.

i know, my persona has been slightly skewed after the exposure to this information. =\

anyway, this is so cal's own vindata's music video for their song, "night sky". it features a very familiar face, Isaac. if you dont remember who isaac is, he has had many pictures taken with matt lingo- one being the infamous skid over a parking block which i tried and failed to recreate. admit it, you like this song. admit it, you think isaac has those spinny trickys on lock. unts unts unts unts unts (fist pump)


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