Monday, October 18, 2010

castro valley does big things: SWAG-SWAG with nikko, 2 days with squeeks.

Fall Edit SWAG-SWAG from nikonjow on Vimeo.

area cycles has such a crazy team, not to mention that their shop is hella clean. nikko is a funny dude. he's on 26", then the next day he's moving back to 700c. that and he's always selling his setup hahaha. in any case, he's a great rider which becomes obvious at 1:26. good stuff nikko, and if youre reading this, i'll see you soon breh.

2 day s from joshua boothby on Vimeo.

if there ever was a rider that came out of no where and just took the game by force, it would be squeeks/boothby. his rotations are ridiculously clean looking, and he has that footjam nose piv on lock. really, you need to see him ride in person to fully understand his talent- those nose pivots (like the one @2:00)are so crazy looking that you have to watch it twice, and in person, they look even more intense...

castro valley does big things.


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