Thursday, October 7, 2010

blkmrkt, those tricky bastards them...: the NSF

this is the blkmrkt fixed freestyle frame that everyone should be psyched about. now hold on a minute, you think i just made a mistake- that thing has a brakes... erm... a brake and a 2 brake levers & hoods, not to mention the seat isnt slammed and the fork isnt right and there's drop bars on it. what's the deal?

just kidding. this is the blkmrkt fixed freestyle bike everyone's waiting on. if you know blkmrkt's track record, then you already know that they're bomb proof. this one runs heat treated sanko japanese chromo, has taper lock drop outs (the angle washer/droupout thing, if youre wondering), and is straight up raw with clearcoat.

they will come in 5 sizes, a 47cm (tt=559mm), a 50cm (tt=575mm), a 53cm(tt=590mm), a 55cm(tt=635mm), and a 58cm (tt=615mm). it will run a euro bb, clear a 40c tire, has tt and dt gussets, a seat post cutout for clearance and has an msrp for about four benjamins. all that is irrelevant when you get to the most important part:

(via blkmrkt)
that headbadge is sooooooooooo nice.


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