Tuesday, September 21, 2010

zagga, zo: sean coats' RYD Havoc promo

RYD Havoc Promo from Sean Coats on Vimeo.

so what number frame is sean on? i know he destroyed one of those frames already... what can i say about sean that i havent said to his face- i made the mistake of adding him on facebook and now all our conversations are lewd, reckless and immature. but it's all in good fun, i cant hold a flame to his skill, so really i shouldnt be saying anything stupid. i'll just summarize this in the words of mike dinh:

"You know what riding the havoc frame feels like? Blowing a load into a beautiful woman's mouth. That's why people should buy the frame."

yeah, that's verbatim. and for those of you looking desperately for a dictionary, it means word for word. good stuff sean. and thanks for reminding me to download this song even though its HELLA.... old.


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