Thursday, September 9, 2010

when you see it, you'll....: formula for raleigh hubs

okay, so here it is. it's a formula hub that looks like the sheriff star campy hubs. alot of detail went into this, and there are so many features that go into replicating the one and only sherriff star. of course, you cant replicate it completely, but they tried. however, that's not the part you should be interested in...
(via prolly)
this is a SPLINED hub. yeah! it serves alot of purpose:cogs could be easily swapped, no more stripping threads on hubs, and steez factor. but then again it's splined, and splines could strip- especially in the fixed gear function. not only that, it may have the same fate as those ISO/bolt on hubs; cogs get expenisive, hubs get expensive, no one has it standardized. i have some high hopes however, it's from formula and the bolt on predecessors were built by companies which arent very widely used. interesting concept.


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