Thursday, September 2, 2010

two hits, one miss: pinarello 2011 track offerings

this may not be news to you nor is it to me, but i thought it would be nice to share the 3 epic pinarello track bikes set forth for the 2011 year:

say hello to the LUNGAVITA. making their way into the urban fixed gear world, it's hard to imagine a pinarello that doesnt follow the history or the norm of pinarello's legacy. though it's said to be the bike giovanni pinarello would build, i'm not so sure. lets face it, it looks like alot of the basic aluminum bikes it's up against, but with pinarello strewn acreoss the top tube, chainstays, and downtube. hey, i'm just being honest. and come on, fsa veros arent that high end.

their second bike gets a little more serious. this is bounds and bounds better than the LUNGAVITA (yeah, it's in all caps). this is the PISTA aluminum (creative much?). looks like the rear triangle is the same, but everything else screams "BRING ME TO THE DROME OR I'LL BREAK YOU." carbon fork, huge BB (utilizes their MOST croxover, which has sparked debate over BB size)- this thing has it all. this is the pinarello that's the everyman's track bike. but if youre not everyman, or indeed a weight weenie and cant stand aluminum....

(via pinarello)
did your heart drop? did you faint? are you okay? this is the XTRACK 46HM3K Monocoque (yeah, say that 3 times fast), and it's THE BEST. well i shoudnt say that liberally, but generally pinarellos are really up there. available in 3k weave (smaller weave, more common) or 12 k weave (bigger weave, ridiculously stiff if you need more info, check this out), the XTRACK is the ultimate carbon frame. everything from the carbon and the curvature geometry screams pinarello.

oh yeah, an honorable mention would be the GRAAL carbon sky 531. it's not a track bike, but a TT bike specially made for the SKY team. mmmmmmmm delicious.


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