Tuesday, September 28, 2010

of pornographic, cycling nature: NJS approved campagnolo sherriff stars

(via njsexport through FGB)
these are the hubs you have wet dreams about. not only are they i-tal-yun, they're approved by the Nihon Jitensha Shinkokai. if you know your NJS, campagnolo is the ONLY non-japanese manufacturer to be NJS approved. but NJS parts are few and far between, and campy parts are few and far between as well- making these the most rare friggin track hubs ever. not only that, they're done in the famous sherriff star flange which is really difficult to find in non-NJS anyway. AND EVEN MORESO, they're in the original box with the paperwork. AND LEST WE FORGET that these hubs have NEVER SEEN A POKE THROUGH IT'S FLANGES.

just $1790. that's actually a deal. hahaha



Maus said...

Actually Cinelli had NJS certification to.

J.mika'ele said...

really? well regardless, we're still talking about higher end italian parts. thanks for the clarification duder!