Monday, September 13, 2010

the golden gate to be temporarily closed to cyclists (sort of)

(via boxdog)
the golden gate is a great destination for cyclists, but will be temporarily closed on the west side to make room for improvements.

Two big maintenance projects are about to begin on the Golden Gate
Bridge which will mean temporary changes to bike circulation.

The first project begins this month and will last a full year.
Scaffolding will be erected, reducing the width of the bike-only west
pathway to seven feet. During this time, please bike at an easy pace,
pass cautiously, and politely share the pathway. The Golden Gate Bridge
is an international icon and many people who use it may not understand
English, or may be on a bike for the first time in years — take it easy
and give way.

The other, more disruptive seismic retrofitting project will affect
the north side of the bridge, entirely closing access to the western
bike path from November 2010 through February 2011. During this time,
bike riders and walkers will be sharing the eastern path until the bike
pathway reopens. Again, patience and courtesy will be key to making
sure everyone can enjoy their time on this beautiful landmark.


it may seem like a big deal, but the end result should be something to take note of- SF is really stepping up their game to cyclists in the city, and it began with that removal of that stupid ban thing against bike lanes. so if you frequent the bridge, take notice, and keep your eyes peeled.


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