Tuesday, September 14, 2010

gangsta, gangsta: BMW gangsta track MKII

(via prolly)
o-kay. i'm a big fan of the bmw gangsta track. before all those trick frames, before all those cookie cutter frames, there was the gangsta track. the prollmeister got some exclusive looks at the second coming of the BMW, and through the silhouette hasnt changed much- alot of things have changed. first off, it'm going to start with a bombshell, and its not something you want to necessarily hear so avert your eyes if you cant handle it...

it's made in taiwan.

WOAH! SHIT! WHAT THE CUTS!?! this is both bad and good though, this means the BMW gets a little more realistic price wise, but you dont get a frame made in the us of a. granted, this is only for their gangsta track from what's given, and the launchpad (their fgfs offering) is still going to be made in brooklyn. another change is to supertherm tubing over your standard 4130. therefore, it would give bmw more options geometry wise- the front triangle is heavily bmx inspired and the rear triangle uses the "proprietary triangle" that john talks about all the time.

lets face it, i'm going to be opinionated and say that i dont like how it's made in taiwan. i have nothing against the taiwanese made frames and am all for making BMW frames more accessible, but given BMW's reputation prides itself on being made in brooklyn. i'm sure the frame is up to par with their standards, but i would like to ride a brooklyn made in brooklyn, you know? regardless of how i feel about where they're made, i still love this frame and the pros seem to outweigh the cons- it's a brooklyn machine works goddamnit, you cant be mad at that. good shit prolly!


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