Sunday, September 26, 2010

the era of affordability: haro objekt

(via urbanvelo)
lets face it, when you think haro, you think about the rise (in the 80's) and fall to cheezyness (in the 80's) of bmx. lets be honest here, haro isnt really the best bike company out there- their name has unfortunately seen associated with relentless mediocrity for the bast decade or so. but remember, masi is under the haro umbrella, and last time i checked, masi has the brevm line- er go, this haro should bee good by association?  that being said, i'm holding my judgement; this is a $500 complete fixed freestyle setup with a bmx style fork, with bmx style stem, with gussets, blah blah blah. in my opinion, i'm not really feeling it as is- with the right parts it might be good.


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