Wednesday, September 1, 2010

a bunch of loco: la ocho construction

(via cmwc)
"Get here before they gotta take it down.  
No matter how many times I heard about it, I didn't understand the
monstrosity and grandiosity of it all.  A figure eight track IN the
town's stadium, next to the river?   I'm so proud and impressed by Nadir
and Andy that they took a big, crazy dream and made it happen!!   
It's huge.  They are still constructing it, but it's taking shape. 
When you see it the first time, it's like standing under a scary roller
coaster--You know it's gonna be good when you wonder if your health
insurance is going to cover any damage that may occur from the ride.

this is going to be the most intense, sketchiest, most wonderful thing ever constucted ever. i cant wait to see more!


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