Thursday, September 2, 2010

bombing hills is a sin: god hates fixies.

(via godhatesfixies, yeah i'm not kidding. got it from DOOM)
wow. apparently this has been around for a while, but not much has been done on this since february of 2009, but its just a spectacle to look at. here's a paragraph:

"For this reason the only conclusion we can make is that these individuals are engaging in the tacit practice of glorifying death, which is clearly diametrically opposed to the stewardship of one's own body that our faith encourages. "

how the hell do you go from bombing hills to glorifying and worshipping death? people get into cars which are hunks of metal barreling down the road faster than the speed limit and that's not worshipping death? how about eating fast food, it makes people unhealthy and obese, and that's not worshipping death? not to sound rude, mind your own business, if people want to mob hills, then they will do what they want to do. and you know what? there are groups that obey every traffic rule just like any other cyclist. and in addition to that, wouldnt it be better if a kid were on his bike learning the traffic laws and becoming a cycling advocate than sitting on a couch playing modern warfare 2 all day?

i love how john is apparently an advocate of "sinful things (dont do what these people do)". bet he would get a kick out of seeing that.

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Oscar said...

I find it funny that they link to other fixed gear sites. This has to be a joke, everything about that site feels like it has a note of sarcasm in it.