Tuesday, September 21, 2010

BMX tuesday: Josh stricker, and an insight to speedy lines

NICE TRY: Josh Stricker from PRIMO on Vimeo.

can someone slow this dude down? i saw this on council of doom and judging by the epic hill bombing, i say this belongs here. hot damn son, this dude's lines are hella fast. but then again, seeing this makes me rethink about the machines this blog is based on (fixed freestyle wise). i said this before, and it's probably obvious- we can never ever have ridiculous fast lines due to the fact that we are limited to 2 dimensions: the capacity of our legs to keep cadence, and our ratio. first, we're limitying ourselves by running fixed itself. we can only go as fast as our legs can handle; when we cant handle it, the pedals move faster than your feet and you lose control. and then because a lot of us are running smaller ratios and even dual 26", we're limiting ourselves again and maybe even making the effect even worse. the small ratio off the bat limits your top speed, and causes you to pedal more to travel a smaller distance... we could never have edits or lines this fast, especially because we have to set up before a bunnyhop or any air trick... make any sense?


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